Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kiki, in the Garden

So, dear innnernets, did I mention that HubbyPoo has signed up our garden for the Historic District Garden Tour?

I'm not sure that I did. I recall the young lady who was organizing it calling to "confirm."

Her: Hi Kiki! Your husband said that you guys would be on the garden tour this year. I just want to thank you for participating!
Me: He said what? He was lying! I can't imagine him agreeing to something like that with out talking to me.
Her: Oh, he said you guys would do it. He said it would be incentive to get things done in the garden.
Me: Was he drunk? Wait, he said what? Blast him, that is the same "rationale" that he used when he signed us up for the Christmas House Tour. Do you really need us? I thought people were dying to show off their gardens?
Her: Yeah, I really need you. You can make him do all the work
Me: Ok, we'll do it. But I'm broke, so I'm not sure how snazzy we'll get. And we don't have anything blooming that late in June. I just don't think the yard will look it's best.
Her: Oh, it'll be great you'll see
And so we are signed up for the Garden Tour. And while I was not planning to buy anything, when the Oley Valley Perennial sale came up, I had to go. I just wanted to replace my bleeding heart that HP killed ruthlessly over the past year. So off we went. No bleeding heart, but we did get some rosemary, an evening primrose, Polemonium (Jacob's Ladder), dill, parsley (we have that, why did we get more??) an Arizona Sun, another variety of Hosta, some sweet violet and I think something else that I can't remember. The Perennial Lady's prices are really good, she grows all the plants on her farm and she's just a nice person. If we have a spare inch in our garden, we'll probably go back again next year. Though I don't foresee having the space, somehow I foresee us visiting again. So much for not spending any money.

But wait, there's more. She told us that if we were looking for annuals (which, ok, we need some so we have a little more color in the yard) the prices can't be beat over at Glick's and their 1/2 price sale started June 1. And most important, it is kind of a big rambling, a little bit funky, kind of place. We dig that kind of place! Plus, they are the grower. It is always great to buy from the grower!

Unfortunately, we dug it a little too much and the prices all sounded so good. $0.67 for a 3-pack of the coolest "Zinnia Swizzle" (in cherry & ivory)! Who could pass that up? Plus the biggest Fuschia I've seen around for only $9.95 (we're talking a $35 plant) and they have some herbs and there was stuff to put in our planters so we bought some thai basil, some creeping mint (I thought that was cool, a yummy smelling ground cover!) some creeping thyme, some lobelia, a purple tomatillo, a huge boston fern, some gorgeous lisianthus, some impatiens, a draconea, a little vinca, our begonias, some strawflower "Bright Bikini Mix" cool name, eh? I think we may have gotten a little carried away! (and I'm sure that I missed something) So we literally had a buggy (actually, if I'm going to be literal, a Cabrio) full of plants. Annuals, perennials, biennials, perennials that behave like annuals (especially if we leave them in pots and don't put them in the ground...)

So we have spent our weekend planting and mulching and so forth. And, of course, when we spent all day out there beautifying the garden, I wanted to enjoy it at night so I had to visit my local Target while these adorable lights were discounted. They are now strung amongst the grapes.

I have spent my allowance for the next few months on plants and mulch and 2 strings of lights. (I really need at least one more, but the sale ended Saturday :( ) So we are officially on the garden tour and the yard/garden (yarden???) is looking great. Just a few more bags of mulch and we'll be done. Until we find something else to add to it!

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