Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The porch


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Out of the kitchen & hangin' on the porch

I really haven't spent much time in the kitchen the past couple weeks. We cooked up enough stuff to get us through MIL & Rent tech (which I was sewing my fingers to the bone) and I made dinner last night. (A more-than-palatable stew of turkey thigh, tomatillos, peppers and various other things. Which was very enjoyable, though HP claims his was better. Maybe I should just give up cooking?)

Any way, I spent a few lovely hours on my porch yesterday. The weather is probably considered "Indian Summer" with temperate breezes and bright sunshine. After working until the wee hours of the morning, then driving home I was mostly allowed to sleep in. HP tried valiantly to convince me that I should be awake at 8 when he got up, I chose 11 as a much better decision. After determining that I had little to contribute to the world at that particular time, I climbed into the big papasan (also known as a mamasan chair with a book and relaxed.
The papasan is on the porch. About a month or two ago, HP & I, in a strange fit of productivity, cleaned up the porch, repainted the floor, touched up the walls, cleaned the papasan cushion and generally made the porch the refuge it should be. HP even increased the plant population up there so we now have a fern, a spiderplant, a "dish garden," and air plant the ginger plant and the mother-in-laws-tongue. (You'll have to look up any thing you don't know. I'm not in the mood to search)(sorry) The furniture on the porch includes the aforementioned papasan, a teak coffee table that is older than me and is prone to spilling drinks if you aren't careful, an old rattan reclining chair that belonged to the aged aunt of a guy I knew, a wicker rocker, and an hammock chair. the old hammock that has been in the family almost as long as the teak coffee table hangs in the corner and poster sized prints of Mattisse and Picasso decorate the walls.
I really should take a picture. I could have saved my self a lot of words.
Anyway, I relaxed on the porch, the breeze was blowing, I had a book in hand. (A Phillip Craig Martha's Vineyard mystery if you must know)and I leaned back. There were no car alarms going off. The screaming children were safely packed away in various hallowed walls of education. The people-who-try-to-drive-big-trucks-with-obnoxious-back-up-songs-and/or-tones were not making their frequent, feeble and repetitive attempts to parallel park, it was good. Then softly, I heard the sounds of the strings of a chamber orchestra. It was quiet and soothing (and yes, recorded not live) and they were playing Braham's Lullaby.
All was right with the world, at least during those few moments on the porch.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Out of the kitchen & in the Arts

So, like a good suckervolunteer, I rearranged my schedule for the week and ran to Harrisburg to assist with the PA Governor's Awards for the Arts. I spent 2 days in Harrisburg, a day in Gettysburg and a day mostly in recovery from the previous 3 days. The Governor's Awards are a really great thing. They support the arts in PA and those who make a difference in the Arts.
The 2007 recipients were:
• 2007 Distinguished Arts Awards: Rob Marshall, director and choreographer of Academy Award winning films and Tony Award winning Broadway musicals; and Kathleen Marshall, Tony Award nominated director and choreographer. Kathleen and Rob Marshall, from Pittsburgh, are brother and sister.
• 2007 Artist of the Year Award: Lorenzo “Rennie” Harris, Philadelphia, acclaimed choreographer, artistic director and founder of the hip-hop dance company, Rennie Harris Puremovement.
• 2007 Patron Award: David and Jennifer LeVan of Gettysburg.
• 2007 Pennsylvania Creative Community Award: Pike County Arts & Crafts of Milford.
• 2007 Outstanding Leadership & Service to Youth Awards: The Settlement Music School, a 100-year-old community school for the arts in Philadelphia; and nationally renowned teacher of classical ballet Marcia Dale Weary of Carlisle.

Each one of the Artists truly deserved their award and it was a lovely ceremony. I promised I would not blog on the drama that an awards ceremony that is mixed with politics entails, but suffice it to say, there is more than one reason these things only happen once a year.

Now back to the kitchen.
While I was immersed in the world of the Governor's Awards, I spoke with dear HP a few times (yes, I missed him). One of the conversations went along the lines of this

HP: I saw K, she sends her best
Me: oh that's nice, did you tell her what I'm up to? She attended last year.
HP: Yeah, oh and I thought it would be nice to have her over on Sunday. I told her I would check with you.
Me: ummm, Sunday. Sure, that sounds great! (translated: that's not today and I can't really imagine life beyond the awards on Thursday, but what the heck!)

So today is Sunday. We are cleaning like banshees (actually, not really like banshees. I don't know that they clean much, we were just cleaning our little hearts out). HP's mother is coming to town this week. This is the same week that HP has signed me up to work my butt off at his little theatre. (HP: but it's Rent You like that show. Me: not for 200 of the next 240 hours.) Anyway. While we are cleaning.
Me (In a little of a cleaning & cooking panic): Well what time is K coming over?
HP: Oh, I'm not sure. She wasn't sure of her plans, and I was going to get back to her when I got the OK from you.
Me: Uhhh, I agreed to it on Wednesday. Why didn't you confirm? I bought food for this.
HP: OOOOOhhhh. What's for dinner?
Me: (pounds head!)

So we did determine that K was coming over. I made Chicken Saté (or Satay, as every caterer in the US now calls them) with peanut sauce and an eggplant dip. While I know that Saté is overdone. WAY Overdone! I also realize that they are overdone because they are simple & tasty. The only real work is mixing up the marinade & grilling them "To Perfection" I had no problem throwing together. Some chicken. A little marinade & there you are.

They were uber tasty. Dipped in a Peanutbutter spice dip & you forgot you were in wherever you thought you were. What could be better? Our appetizers were better.

We had an super tasty grilled eggplant dip. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow, but my husband just woke me from my typing, so I think I'm going to finish this sentance and go to bed.

Good Night


Monday, October 1, 2007

The done part of the list-

  • Call the Dentist (reschedule appointment)
    Only the 3rd time I've rescheduled. I promise I really will go this time!
  • Call Sue (can I reschedule meeting?)
    After all it really is about me :)
  • Call Heather (what am I doing again)
    Heather wanted me there Today. She clearly was not on this to do list. *SIGH!* Ok, will reschedule life and be there tomorrow*
  • Wash my Car
    Um, why do these things ALWAYS** happen to me? I sat waiting for the car wash to open for 25 minutes before someone told me it was broken and gave me a coupon to "rewash" car. But I didn't wash it in the first place. :(
  • Go to the Produce place (2 grocery stores in 2 days wasn't enough)
    It didn't live up to the hype, but at least I got my peppers
  • Make Soup
    Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Soup. Uber Tasty!
  • Make Black Beans & Rice (rice is already done, made extra last night. Check)
    Beans are blacked! & Cooked
  • Take The Girl to the Orthodontist.
    I'm so glad that I never had to get braces!
  • Write some LONG overdue Thank You notes
    Yeah, I actually did this. Some while waiting for The Girl, the rest while waiting for the carwash
  • Stop at GoggleWorks and see if my pottery will survive trimming or if I let it sit too long
    It lived and hopefully I have a Christmas present for someone
  • Clean the Kitchen
    Well, I cooked a couple things and cleaned for a while. It still needs work.
  • Clean the Dining Room
    ummmm It became the place to fold laundry instead of being cleaned. At least the laundry is clean
  • Call a venue about a fundraiser
    Done, they can't do it. One less thing to worry about!
  • Return Library books/books on tape
    oops. left them on the kitchen table. I'll have to drop them on way out of town or risk the wrath of the librarian!
  • Work on the Brochure that was supposed to be done last week
    Was asked to rework an ad instead. Didn't have time for both...
  • Try to find some new sneakers
    Not enough time in the day for that
  • Try to find a comfortable bra
    Not enough time in the world for that

*"There" is in Harrisburg, Pa. helping with the Governor's Awards for the Arts.
**"ALWAYS" = the last 2 times I've tried


Dear Internets, where have you gone?

Dear Internets,
Why don't you write? You never call any more.
What is up with that? Are you mad at me?
Really, was it something I did or didn't do?
Did or didn't say?

What do you mean it's all me? I need to get off the post and post.
Fine! Here is your bloody post.

I spent the last couple weeks with Arthur the Aardvark. (Check PBS kids for more information, I don't feel like inserting the link). Arthur was live in York, PA with Binky and D.W. and Francine and Muffy and Buster and Mother and Baby Kate and Mr. Ratburn and even Mrs. MacGrady, the Lunchroom Lady. They were joined by the Tooth Fairy and Tooth Decay.

I have to say, all those big characters, with their expressionless faces and blank eyes kind of gave me the creeps. But when they got on stage and the music was going and they were acting and dancing their little fur off, they were awesome.

I also like Arthur because he incorporates good messages in his story (Don't try to grow up before you are ready, brush your teeth, everyone is different) and a smidgen of education (Tyrannosaurus Rex Rocks)
You'll have to see it for yourself to understand all that.

Now that I'm back at home for a couple days (until I go down and work Rent!) It's time to attack my to-do list.

Call the Dentist (reschedule appointment)
Call Sue (can I reschedule meeting)
Call Heather (what am I doing again)
Wash my Car
Go to the Produce place (2 grocery stores in 2 days wasn't enough)
Make Soup
Make Black Beans & Rice (rice is already done, made extra last night. Check)
Take The Girl to the Orthodontist.
Write some LONG overdue Thank You notes
Stop at GoggleWorks and see if my pottery will survive trimming or if I let it sit too long
Clean the Kitchen
Clean the Dining Room
Call a venue about a fundraiser
Return Library books/books on tape
Work on the Brochure that was supposed to be done last week
Try to find some new sneakers
Try to find a comfortable bra.


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