Sunday, October 7, 2007

Out of the kitchen & in the Arts

So, like a good suckervolunteer, I rearranged my schedule for the week and ran to Harrisburg to assist with the PA Governor's Awards for the Arts. I spent 2 days in Harrisburg, a day in Gettysburg and a day mostly in recovery from the previous 3 days. The Governor's Awards are a really great thing. They support the arts in PA and those who make a difference in the Arts.
The 2007 recipients were:
• 2007 Distinguished Arts Awards: Rob Marshall, director and choreographer of Academy Award winning films and Tony Award winning Broadway musicals; and Kathleen Marshall, Tony Award nominated director and choreographer. Kathleen and Rob Marshall, from Pittsburgh, are brother and sister.
• 2007 Artist of the Year Award: Lorenzo “Rennie” Harris, Philadelphia, acclaimed choreographer, artistic director and founder of the hip-hop dance company, Rennie Harris Puremovement.
• 2007 Patron Award: David and Jennifer LeVan of Gettysburg.
• 2007 Pennsylvania Creative Community Award: Pike County Arts & Crafts of Milford.
• 2007 Outstanding Leadership & Service to Youth Awards: The Settlement Music School, a 100-year-old community school for the arts in Philadelphia; and nationally renowned teacher of classical ballet Marcia Dale Weary of Carlisle.

Each one of the Artists truly deserved their award and it was a lovely ceremony. I promised I would not blog on the drama that an awards ceremony that is mixed with politics entails, but suffice it to say, there is more than one reason these things only happen once a year.

Now back to the kitchen.
While I was immersed in the world of the Governor's Awards, I spoke with dear HP a few times (yes, I missed him). One of the conversations went along the lines of this

HP: I saw K, she sends her best
Me: oh that's nice, did you tell her what I'm up to? She attended last year.
HP: Yeah, oh and I thought it would be nice to have her over on Sunday. I told her I would check with you.
Me: ummm, Sunday. Sure, that sounds great! (translated: that's not today and I can't really imagine life beyond the awards on Thursday, but what the heck!)

So today is Sunday. We are cleaning like banshees (actually, not really like banshees. I don't know that they clean much, we were just cleaning our little hearts out). HP's mother is coming to town this week. This is the same week that HP has signed me up to work my butt off at his little theatre. (HP: but it's Rent You like that show. Me: not for 200 of the next 240 hours.) Anyway. While we are cleaning.
Me (In a little of a cleaning & cooking panic): Well what time is K coming over?
HP: Oh, I'm not sure. She wasn't sure of her plans, and I was going to get back to her when I got the OK from you.
Me: Uhhh, I agreed to it on Wednesday. Why didn't you confirm? I bought food for this.
HP: OOOOOhhhh. What's for dinner?
Me: (pounds head!)

So we did determine that K was coming over. I made Chicken Saté (or Satay, as every caterer in the US now calls them) with peanut sauce and an eggplant dip. While I know that Saté is overdone. WAY Overdone! I also realize that they are overdone because they are simple & tasty. The only real work is mixing up the marinade & grilling them "To Perfection" I had no problem throwing together. Some chicken. A little marinade & there you are.

They were uber tasty. Dipped in a Peanutbutter spice dip & you forgot you were in wherever you thought you were. What could be better? Our appetizers were better.

We had an super tasty grilled eggplant dip. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow, but my husband just woke me from my typing, so I think I'm going to finish this sentance and go to bed.

Good Night

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Sarah Louise October 9, 2007 at 6:41 PM  

You must move closer to da Burgh so I can eat your delicious food...

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