Monday, October 1, 2007

Dear Internets, where have you gone?

Dear Internets,
Why don't you write? You never call any more.
What is up with that? Are you mad at me?
Really, was it something I did or didn't do?
Did or didn't say?

What do you mean it's all me? I need to get off the post and post.
Fine! Here is your bloody post.

I spent the last couple weeks with Arthur the Aardvark. (Check PBS kids for more information, I don't feel like inserting the link). Arthur was live in York, PA with Binky and D.W. and Francine and Muffy and Buster and Mother and Baby Kate and Mr. Ratburn and even Mrs. MacGrady, the Lunchroom Lady. They were joined by the Tooth Fairy and Tooth Decay.

I have to say, all those big characters, with their expressionless faces and blank eyes kind of gave me the creeps. But when they got on stage and the music was going and they were acting and dancing their little fur off, they were awesome.

I also like Arthur because he incorporates good messages in his story (Don't try to grow up before you are ready, brush your teeth, everyone is different) and a smidgen of education (Tyrannosaurus Rex Rocks)
You'll have to see it for yourself to understand all that.

Now that I'm back at home for a couple days (until I go down and work Rent!) It's time to attack my to-do list.

Call the Dentist (reschedule appointment)
Call Sue (can I reschedule meeting)
Call Heather (what am I doing again)
Wash my Car
Go to the Produce place (2 grocery stores in 2 days wasn't enough)
Make Soup
Make Black Beans & Rice (rice is already done, made extra last night. Check)
Take The Girl to the Orthodontist.
Write some LONG overdue Thank You notes
Stop at GoggleWorks and see if my pottery will survive trimming or if I let it sit too long
Clean the Kitchen
Clean the Dining Room
Call a venue about a fundraiser
Return Library books/books on tape
Work on the Brochure that was supposed to be done last week
Try to find some new sneakers
Try to find a comfortable bra.

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