Thursday, February 22, 2007

And today's entry is...

Gee, I was doing so well there for a few days.
I was blogging & finding random things for the "I want one" section & really trying to get here, but I'm drawing a blank today. And yesterday.

Yesterday was hectic, I had a committee meeting for the "Souper Bowl" to raise money for a local organization. They are:

a multi-service organization that improves the quality of life for children, families and adults who face various obstacles to independence, and supports their efforts to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and well-being"
They are truly an awesome organization & this is a hugely fun event.
Each attendee chooses a “soup bowl” hand-crafted by a diverse collection of artists, students and other talented contributors. Part of the fun of this event is the challenge of choosing a favorite from the great selection of bowls. The event features dozens of delicious soups to sample, all donated by fine area restaurants. There is even a dessert floor featuring sweets and coffee

That meeting went long & then I met with another non-profit that I have been volunteering with to do some actual paid work. I'm going to be doing some database management, which I think will be a big pain, but at least I get a few bucks an hour and I am helping people and an organization that I like and believe in. Sadly, I am hugely rusty on Access, so I have to learn that in order to get the job done.

Today was spent running around a bit as well. After my appointment with my therapist, I went to the local outlets to buy jeans. After trying on a huge pile, I felt like I was ready to back to the therapist! I have not had an easy time buying jeans since I was about 12 years old. Once the curves started, the issues began. I am also about 50 pounds overweight, so seeing that squinched into jeans was fairly traumatic. I realize that sounds a bit overly dramatic, but really, I have been known to break into tears while trying to buy pants. I didn't today (good for me) and I walked away with 2 pairs of jeans for $19.97. I also had huge issues with spending money, since I'm pretty broke right now, but I got roped into working as a stagehand for the Premiere of Thomas the Tank Engine. Live on Stage!

Thomas the Tank Engine™ makes his U.S. live stage debut in this 90-minute musical adventure Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage in “Thomas Saves the Day.”

The inaugural North American tour of Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage offers Thomas enthusiasts and their families an exciting and fresh new way to experience the brand.

"An exciting and fresh new way to EXPERIENCE THE BRAND????" Experience the brand? That just sounds like they want me to spend money. That has got to be one of the worst marketing lines I've seen EVER. I think (not that anyone asked me or will listen to me) that it should say something more along the lines of "An unforgettable chance to see Thomas like you've never seen him before!" Even that isn't very good. Definitely not my best effort, but I'm tired and can't quite tap into my creative side today.

Even before the jeans, it was a rough day. And really this post sucks. So I think I'm going to stop wasting space and say good night.

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