Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I want one

After all, I am a Pirate Wench so I need some toast with attitude! ARRRR, pass the Marrrrrrrrrrrmalade! For other pirate needs, check out their site, but bring a translator

My Decks need swabbing, so a pair of these from Marie-Louise in Stockholm would be nice!
Check out her site, a lot of cool things to be found!
I also like the bench, but think I can create something
similar at home... (OK, get hubby-poo to create if I can get him off his...)

And when I skin my knee or get a boo-boo, only the finest band-aids will do for me. I think I need a little bling with my owie.
Sadly, they are sold-out.

So I'll have to go with these From Archie McPhee. Also home to Sushi Bandages, Bacon Bandages (with or with out the eggs) & (naturally) Pirate Bandages. Check out the whole line here.

Since I'm creating a wish(?) list of things that I will never buy, (some I'm not sure I really want, but hey it's fun to cyber-want)
I figure I can add something I do want, but probably won't be able to afford in this lifetime. I did dream that I had one of these in the back of my laundry room that I just hadn't noticed before. Ahh if only!

Thanks to Chef's Corner for letting me dream!

So back to my dinky electric stove for tonight's dinner. Hmmm do I want Thai Shrimp (similar to this) or do I want Tandoori Shrimp (similar to this)?? I wonder how the Tandoori spices would work on salmon? Since I use the mass quantity frozen shrimp & salmon (to make it affordable--besides, I can't get truly fresh of either in central PA) I like to give it enough flavor to transcend the mediocre quality.

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