Saturday, February 24, 2007

Song of the Day

And the Song of the Day is.....

On Top of Spaghetti

For some reason we were singing this around the house tonight. The youngest person in the house is 14 is that really a song that would come to mind? We got stuck on the lyrics, so we looked them up on the World Wide Web so we could finish our verse. Except that no where on the internet, do they have the 3rd verse as we were singing it. The official lyrics, as reported by several websites including go like this:

On top of spaghetti,
All covered with cheese
I lost my poor meatball,
When somebody sneezed.

It rolled off the table,
And on to the floor,
And then my poor meatball,
Rolled out of the door.

It rolled in the garden,
And under a bush,
And then my poor meatball,
Was nothing but mush.

The mush was as tasty
As tasty could be,
And then the next summer,
It grew into a tree.

The tree was all covered,
All covered with moss,
And on it grew meatballs,
And tomato sauce.

So if you eat spaghetti,
All covered with cheese,
Hold on to your meatball,
Whenever you sneeze.

However around our house, there was a strong conviction that the 3rd verse was, "It rolled onto the sidewalk and then down the street. And that is what happened to my poor ball of meat" My husband was convinced he was missing the verse about it being hit by a truck. We never found anything resembling our version anywhere on the internet. Although what we did find, while searching for lyrics for this song, was a bit surprising. I am pretty liberal on anything resembling censorship (for my take on scrotums, vaginas and censorship there of, please visit Sarah Louise's blog), but I do not feel an images of nearly naked women with arched backs and links to "Anna Nicole's Last Minutes" are appropriate on a search for a children's song. But this site which lists the song as a children's song has links to soft-porn (I don't know maybe it's hard-core, I didn't follow the link) OH well, I guess I can't have my first amendment and my scrotum too.


Found Object weekend has gotten a slow start, I was updating corks on my wreath and The Girl started building a castle with cups and shoe boxes. I tried to start a project and she asked "What are going to make"
"Oh, I'm not sure about that," I replied. "Tap into your inner 5 year-old," was my suggestion. Since we didn't think we could build a Barbie, she started a castle. Sadly, I ran out of hot glue while repairing the wreath and we just have a pile of plastic cups in the middle of the tv room floor.


Yes I did go grocery shopping today. That is my normal Saturday self-abuse. Logically I know that some of my problem is that I go on Saturdays and not during the week, but that doesn't help me get the list together anytime before Saturday morning. I went to the Redner's today since I didn't have any "specialty items." It is a geared more towards the Hoi Polloi, so I have completely different expectations when I go there. I will say, they have a lot more ethnic diversity in their products and carry a huge line of Goya products as well as Tropical, so I can get almost any queso I want (Queso Blanco, Queso Fresco, Queso Frio, Cojito...) and Redner's is very rarely out of Tomatillos. And they have Taste of Thai noodle boxes, which are good for a meal on the run (which will be most of next week) But I can't find good shrimp there, fresh or frozen and their gourmet cheese selection is minimal. They generally have decent prices, but the store isn't bright and shiny or new. It, like many of it's customers, looks like it has seen better days. Today's trip was mostly uneventful, but I did find a few shelvingoddities I thought worth sharing.
  • Yeast. Not on today's shopping list, but I did see it near the dairy section. That isn't unusual, yeast often ends up near dairy in the refrigerated section, but it wasn't really in the dairy section. At the end of the dairy wall, in a small display against the wall, I saw the yeast, next to the EZ Cheese. A strange pair indeed.
  • Next, was the tahini. It wasn't in any of the "ethnic" sections (Old El Paso is considered "Ethnic" but Goya is in it's own world and Taste of Thai is in another aisle all together). So where did I find the tahini? Near the dessert toppings, but the next section. With the honey. Sesame paste-honey. I'm not seeing the connection.
  • And finally, in middle of the dessert section, next to Reece's crumbles and Oreo topping was pine nuts. Pine Nuts? with ice cream toppings? Somehow it doesn't sound right. Unless you are making a basil sorbet and then I guess the pine nuts could give it a pesto feel.
At least this week's trip was mostly amusing.

And on the dinner front:

I'm trying to cook things that will have good leftovers since I will be working all next week. So last night was Papa's Paprika's I started with my father's recipe for Chicken Paprika's (paprikash). He is 1/2 Hungarian, and tried to duplicate his mother's. I used Turkey Thigh (economical, easy, and quite tasty) and made a few other small alterations, including an accidental over measurement of the "hot" paprika. It was very good, but a mite on the zippy side. Unfortunately, there weren't a huge amount of leftovers.

Tonight's dinner was manicotti. I made some homemade tomato sauce a few weeks ago, so I pulled that out of the freezer. I stuffed my manicotti with ricotta, spinach, basil, and a little Italian cheese mix (from Kraft). My secret to stuffing it is to use a disposable pastry bag with no tip. It was pretty easy that way, even if my husband laughed at me.

Tomorrow's dinner will be Jambalaya in honor of Mardi Gras. I know it has passed, but I didn't get my act together to make any earlier in the week.

And now, it is past my bed time, so nighty-night!

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Sarah Louise February 26, 2007 at 8:29 AM  

Your cooking makes me hungry!!

oh, and Bep is reading--I told her to leave you a comment so you'd know, but I don't think she has.

KitchenKiki February 26, 2007 at 1:10 PM  

Hi Bep, welcome to my fluff blog.

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