Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is sprunging!

It was a lovely spring day today hooray! Yesterday's rain went away, it was cool, but warm if you were in the sun and a nice day to be outside.

Hubby Poo & I spent a few hours sitting outside. We pulled a couple weeds & tried to unearth some of the sprouting bulbs from underneath the dead leaves. A small bunch of crocus were up waiting for us to join them in the sun.

We mostly just talked about what we should be doing to the yard & garden. We are big on talk, short on cash gumption action. I was supposed to get an herb garden for my birthday. The idea was that we would plan it out & build the foundation for it so it would be ready for planting this spring. Well, we are still talking about it.

Him: "We need bricks. Where can we get some free bricks"
Me: "Look, here on craigslist. Free bricks in exchange for helping dismantle a chimney. Only about 45 minutes away."
Him: "Can you get a free truck too? How are we going to get the bricks here?"
Me: "You only asked me to find bricks. I didn't realize I was in charge of transportation also."
Him: "Well we can't put them in the convertible, not enough room and my car won't go that far with out breaking down."
Me: "hmmm. What do you want for dinner?"
And back to the drawing board we go.

So now it is the herb garden. Plus the pergola is cracking from the vines taking over and the weather attacking and so forth.

We thought about oiling the furniture. It is a cheap teak-like wood that I got from Target.
Him: "Gosh this furniture is starting to show it's age."
Me: " yeah, well, it was pretty cheap. It probably would have been happier if we brought it in for the winter"
Him: "How come we didn't do that? We were going to bring it in, sand it, oil it. Give it some TLC. Why didn't we?"
Me: "Have you cleaned a spot yet?"
Him: "Aren't you going to get started on dinner?"
And so our outdoor furniture is cracked & faded. At least we talked about doing something. And admitting your furniture has a problem is half the battle!

Dinner tonight. The World Famous, Beer Can Chicken! Woo-Hoo. I like to stick a can of beer up a chicken's posterior end! I through together a few herbs & spices , gave that chicken a massage & then sent it to the grill sauna for a little steam and voilá it's dinner. Along with hubby-poo's famous mashed potatoes (famous mostly because I can convince him to make them!) and some absolutely fantastic Guacamole also made my dearest Hubby-poo! Left over chicken will go into chicken Korma and left over mashed potatoes, well, let's just say we didn't need to worry about them. And a good dinner was had by all :)

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Sarah Louise March 26, 2007 at 7:59 AM  

I love your conversations!

Sarah Louise March 27, 2007 at 8:22 AM  


okay still not in love with the grapes, but love the top part, esp. the GS cookies (hee)

I loved "Helloooooooo it's Kiki!"

Have I created a monster??

Luv, yer cuz,


KitchenKiki March 27, 2007 at 11:52 AM  

Yes. An obsessed w/ fixing this monster.

But I did put Hellooooooooooo back.
The grapes stay.

I have put way too much time into this, I have to do something productive. Like figure out what to make for dinner :)

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