Friday, March 23, 2007

oooh it's Friday

It's Friday. I'm not sure what that really means. I don't have a job right now, so every day is kind of the same. I'm either busy or bored. (Always feast or famine in my world, but oh well). We have the girl child with us this weekend. We are picking her up some time this afternoon and we have a whole weekend to torture her. She was grounded this week, I don't know for how long--I don't think that has been determined yet. I asked her how it was going and if it really affected her life, she said "Not really." When we were kids, we were grounded and that was it. (Well, not me, I was a good child, really...) Now how much punishment is it? She still has a computer in her room, along with a TV that has a DVD player. When she gets home from school, she goes on the computer, just like she did before she was grounded. Her father & I were talking about different forms of torture last night, but since we through out the idea of stringing her up by her ankles, we'll have to get more creative. I personally liked the idea that she had to post a myspace blog on why lying is bad and email it to all of her friends. But really, as disciplining goes, we are collectively a group of wimps. The kids are both good kids, and we trust them, or at least did until one of them lied. I'm not sure if she realizes what she did to that trust. It is going to be interesting for a little while.

In other excitement, I got a hair cut! Whoopie! It has been 6 Months (almost to the day) since I've gotten a hair cut. Partly due to disinterest on my part, and partly due to disinterest on the part of my finances. The best part was that the hair cut was FREE! YAHOO! My husband's ex (is that "HEX" or "HEW"?) had a promotional gift certificate that was for the place I went (she didn't realize that) and she didn't want it, because let's face it. Once we find some one we like, we tend to stick with them. I shopped around for a few years before I decided this was where I was going to stay.
Anyway. I got my hair cut. YIPPEE! I normally go in & say, give a little trim, cut off the dead stuff... I went in, looked at Jen (my hairstylist) and said: "Maybe we can cut it to about your length" So she chopped about 3 1/2 inches off the back and gave me a cute little bob. I felt so 00 sassy.
Then, nobody noticed. I thought it was pretty different, but really, no one noticed. My husband (who must get his hair cut every 4 weeks, and gets PMSish and cranky in the days preceding his cut "my hair is too long...") knew I was getting it cut, I called him afterwards and told him that I cut off 3 inches, then I got home and he spent 1/2 an hour going on about himself. Some one I hadn't seen in a few weeks kind of stared at me like he thought something was different, but couldn't place it. He also gets forgiveness points because I almost always have it up or back when I see him. The step-daughter? I said, I got my hair cut! She said. Oh, I thought something was different. Sigh. So much for feeling Sassy!

Well, off to JazzFest!

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Sarah Louise March 23, 2007 at 9:56 PM  

A bob? I don't think I've ever seen your hair that short...

Glad you feel sassy.

Friday doesn't mean much when you work every Saturday, either.



KitchenKiki March 25, 2007 at 10:52 PM  

It's pretty long for a bob. past chin, not quite to shoulders. My hair has been much shorter!

Hubby felt bad that he didn't notice my hair. (or at least he felt bad when I called him on it)

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