Tuesday, March 20, 2007

still here, kind of

Why is it this blog doesn't post itself? I am quite convinced that some of the others do, but not this one.

OK, a few pics:

It's a Box!
Oops That's not the one I was thinking of. But a quick review. Thoroughly OK, but the damn valve leaked & was a big pain in the neck! And left a sticky fridge. Yuk.

Ok, let's try this again!
It's a Box!

Yes this time, it really was a box. Addressed to ME! (I'm Kiki)
From the sweet & loving Sarah Louise. Ok, she pretends to be sweet & loving, but really she is an enabler. I have an addiction. She knows about it, I have publicly admitted it, but what did I find in the box?
No, I'm not addicted to green easter grass. (Or any other kind, despite rumours to the contrary). My addiction is deeper than that. Literally, I had to dig deep into the green grass to reach my addiction.
Yes, I am addicted to Girl Scout Cookies!
I am not the only one. It is a well documented addiction. And by well, I mean the documentation was superbly done by Marc Acito on NPR. Finding Binge Absolution in a Do-Si-Do Ok, I'm sure that is getting old, because I have posted it a few times, but really it's true!

And in other news: What's for Dinner? Well, let's go into the dinner closet & see:

Tonight's dinner, was a yummy & delish Thai Shrimp Curry. There was garlic, shallot, ginger, green onion, onion, tomato, red curry paste, shrimp, basil, lime, 1/2 a serrano, coconut milk, and I don't remember what else was in there, but it was Good! Served over plain white rice, with a salad.

Last Night's dinner. An almost disaster, but pulled off to be another fine production. (Recipe inspired by this)I marinated a turkey thigh over night in Yuengling Black & Tan (if you are over 21, click for more on this), dijon mustard, rosemary, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, olive oil & a few other odds & ends. The plan was for my darling husband to throw it in a crock-pot and add a couple taters towards the end of the day. He forgot. Maybe I should have "forgotten" to feed him? But no. I went to PLAN B. I pulled the thigh from the marinade, put in a dutch oven (skin side down) w/ another 1/2 a beer, covered it and put that in a 375 oven for about an hour. Then I took it out, flipped it "skin side" up, removed the lid and let it cook for another 20-30 minutes. Hubby's penance for forgetting to put it in the crock pot was that he made mashed potatoes. I boiled down the beer, added some Maggi Seasoning (known in our house as "gravy helper") some butter & some flour and we had a tantalizing taste sensation. A little creamed spinach & it's a meal.
(an aside, I didn't realize that Maggi was Asian until I found the link hmm. It is tasty, I'll give it that)

And my final food posting, was the Friday night dinner treat. We braved the Snow & Ice and got to the farmer's market before they gave up for the storm and picked up some fresh scallops. I made a thick sauce with a little orange/mango juice from the fridge, some soy sauce, maybe some fresh ginger, or some ground ginger, or possibly some ginger shrub. Definitely a little bourbon(Did I have some of the bourbon as well? Mayyyyyyybe), and a spoonful or so of orange marmalade and possibly some Pickapeppa sauce, maybe a sprinkle of crushed red pepper though I don't completely remember. I would think there was some other things in there, but I neglected to write any of it down. I was making it up as I went a long.. The scallops themselves were seared in clarified butter. Your scallop cooking tip of the day is SEAR them. You can grill them also. broiling is ok, but really sear or grill. Trust me. Never, ever saute them. Scallops taste best & retain their sweetness only if you leave them alone. So put your pan on Med Hi, clarify your butter (clarified butter has a higher smoke point once you remove all that milk fat) when the pan is nice and hot gently place the scallop in the butter. Let it sizzle, then gently flip(tongs are best) and sizzle the other side. Gently remove, directly to the dinner plate & enjoy immediately.
Anyway, the scallops were served with a green salad and ginger-coconut rice. And a good meal was had by all!

Now I know why I'm so bad at posting. I'm slow at it. Oh well. Bon App├ętit!

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Sarah Louise March 20, 2007 at 10:49 PM  


You crack me up!! Glad to be your...sweet and loving...enabler.


KitchenKiki March 21, 2007 at 9:28 AM  

click on the picture of the box, it says to Kiki from Sarah Louise.

Sarah Louise March 22, 2007 at 10:35 PM  

Your photo skills amaze and astound me.

KitchenKiki March 23, 2007 at 9:17 AM  

gee, you are easy. Next time I might spend some time on it & make it look more authentic!

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