Sunday, April 1, 2007

I should be making dinner....

Actually, I should have made dinner an hour ago. I even had a plan for dinner.
Turkey Steak (a cut of the thigh.) with a crust of coconut, cinnamon, cloves, coriander... served with a carrot puree with ginger and shallot, based mainly on this. A little couscous for my starch and it would have been dinner. See, it sounds yummy--I really had the best of intentions. I was going to make dinner after my nap. HP is recovering from a cold and is snoring in the weee hours of the morning. A pillow over the head hasn't been helpful. So my nap didn't work out as planned. And it was 4:30. So diet coke and nachos were the snack to wake me up and get me cooking. After a little while I looked at my dear HP and said, "I think it's your turn to cook." and bless his heart, he is did. And not only is he making dinner (Turkey burger for me, Hamburger for him. He got "real meat" out of the deal, so he isn't suffering) He took the rest of the ground turkey and made 3 burgers for the freezer, so when we decide to have burgers we can just pull them out. AND he made, "like 100 meatballs" with the rest of the turkey. He has a meeting here tomorrow, which generally requires some refreshment for the poor board members, so meatballs it is. I will create a ginger-peach sauce and they will be the warm snack. HP is going to make some hummus. He somewhat follows the SouthBeach recipe (found here along with Baba Ganoush), it's yummy and good to have the around the house. I think I agreed to make brownies also. It will be "day 2" so I'm not entirely convinced the guests will ever see them.

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