Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kiki, out of her mind! cont'd

So after a little ranting & nagging, we developed something resembling a plan for the weekend's graduation festivities.

All that has gone to heck!

Yesterday I was told that instead of having a leisurely brunch here at the house, we are transporting brunch & picnicking near the boy's school so we can accommodate his party & senior trip plans. An Annoying, but manageable turn of events. Really, his grandfather is flying in from across the country, so we want to be sure he gets to spend some time with The Boy. And, seeing how the The Boy himself is vehicularly challenged, we pretty easily made the adjustment.

This morning, two days before graduation, we found out that families were not in fact invited to the party of the friend. Especially large groups of family. (We will be 9 including all traveling grandparents, companions & siblings) I certainly understand this from the point of view of the poor mother giving the party ("what, my son invited everyone's family too?? I didn't agree to that...") So now we are making an additional meal. Very casual, but we have to find room for 9 people to eat. It will be too hot to eat inside, and I don't have enough space outside. The alternative would be to haul all the food, beverages and what-have-you to yet another location and hope that we have everything. I couldn't get excited about that.

So now, instead of working I'm posting and will go grocery shopping shortly, so I can spend the next couple days cooking & running back & forth to various school related events.

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