Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kiki, out of her mind!

Another weekend has disappeared incredibly quickly here in Kikiville. I don't really know where it went.

I know there was some time in the garden. Mostly HP in the garden. I went out to help (after the inevitable grocery trip), but was pulling the violets to meanly or not in the right place or something. Then when asked about a good home for the verigated Hosta. Every answer I gave was wrong. too shady, too crowded, too sunny, too not-the-answer-I-was-looking-for *sigh* it's a good thing that the garden is looking great! He has planted the herb garden. Taking a photo is still on my list of things to do. But then breathing is currently on my list of things to get around to.

I am continuing to pound my head against the wall work on trying to get the lovely folks at(name your foundation) to give money to the arts organization that is paying me to ask people to give money. So far it is just work & no results, it takes a while to know if you are successful.

Begging for money has kept me busy. We are also trying to give the house a deep clean. It is past due & the Father-in-Law is coming this weekend for The Boy's graduation. The Boy is officially done with high school & off to college (with a hefty scholarship I might add). Yay Boy!

So we've cleaned & dusted & still have 3 1/2 floors to go. I swear we made some progress. But throw in a couple hours of hauling The Girl around & helping her mother. We just didn't get as much done as we hoped.

But I did make a yummy dinner last night. Sea Bass with a chile & spice rub. I don't remember what was in it besides chili & cumin & oregano & salt & pepper. That is probably most of it, but it was good. Along with some steamed broccoli & cheese sauce. Yum. A good diner was had by all!

We have begun planning the menu for the F-I-L. He is only in town a short time, and we are running around for a lot of it, so I had to come up with simple, take-it or leave-it type things. The menu as it currently stands:
For the late arrival Friday night. IF they (F-I-L is bringing a companion) are hungry, we will have some herbed goat cheese, some focaccia made with left over home-made pizza dough some bruchetta and some marinated artichokes. A simple late-night snack. Saturday is up & out for Baccalaureate at 9:30 & they are staying at a B&B so I don't have to worry about breakfast. Luncheon follows the graduation ceremony, another meal off the list, then off to a party given by friends of The Boy. Not sure we are going to have to deal with dinner at all, but again I might. So we are planning, a light dinner of Carrot-Ginger Soup and some crusty bread. So the meal to plan for is Sunday brunch. After all that running around all weeekend? yep. Sunday brunch. It is looking like I'm going to whip up a quiche with shrimp & caramelized onions and serve that with some grilled asparagus and perhaps some breakfast sausage. We can toast up what ever bread is left from the night before and call it a meal. Wheew! It sounds simple enough, but really? we'll have to see.

Oh, neglected in that menu planning is the Thursday night choir concert. The Girl is in the school choir and so we have thought we would be nice and feed everyone prior. Everyone being The Girl, her mother (TheEx) and Her mother (TheExM-I-L). Really, can some one just pound my head with a hammer now? I don't have enough going on & I agreed to throw that in the mix? Dear Internets, wish me luck!

3 garnishes:

Sarah Louise May 21, 2007 at 8:20 AM  

label: too many exes. Or "all my exes live in Texas (which is why I live in Tennessee)"

Your application for sainthood has been stamped for approval.

If I had an extra thou, I'd send it to you.



KitchenKiki May 21, 2007 at 4:02 PM  

Somehow I don't see St.Kiki of the Machochistic Kitchen catching on...

Sarah Louise May 23, 2007 at 11:42 AM  

Well, sometimes things fall out of the sky--our library, who did not ever approach Sam's Club on behalf of our storytelling festival, just recieved a one thousand dollar check!

Which, I'm sorry, I can't send to you, but it means the festival is free for all that want to come!

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