Monday, February 11, 2008

It all started last Thursday

I woke up on Thursday with the worst sinus headache I've had in years. I was slightly nauseated, it hurt to blink and I thought the front of my head was going to explode. HP was sweet enough to offer to go out to get me some sort of a cure, but since it was also the day of a a job interview, I needed to go myself because I had to get the right size and color of pantyhose. I don't know what that is to tell him, I just have to find it. So at shortly after 7:00 am dressed in a style known as early-sick-house-wife-with-no-concept-of-what-she-had-put-on, I left the house to run to the drugstore a couple blocks away. Since this drugstore is not in the best of neighborhoods (certainly not the lily-white suburbs) they had steel gates down at 7:00 am. Ok, surely the one on the "Fifth Street Highway" would be open so people on their way to work could get their remedy. Nope. OK, the almighty K-Mart? Not until 8. While I considered pounding my head into the steering wheel, I did not think that was the solution. Since I have found that Advil Cold & Sinus is pretty much a sure-fire reliever I had to go somewhere with a pharmacy or at least a well stocked service desk to buy it, lest I stock up and start a meth lab in my basement. Next stop the low-self-esteem Giant. It's not a bad store, just doesn't quite take care of itself the way it should. (It's near a college & on the edge of town and they don't quite gear themselves towards higher end customers) I went to the service desk, but no one was around. So I went over to the pantyhose, looked at the 8 shades of black until my eyes crossed, grabbed a pair and hit the cold aisle in hopes that they would have the little card that said I needed the service desk so I could at least ask a cashier. Of course they didn't. I found a manager on the phone near the service desk. He had no idea what I was talking about in regards to cold medicines. He fetched the store accountant from behind the magic door and she was able to open the super secret cache of Pseudoephedrine filled drugs. No advil cold & sinus. (Why stock a large selection if no one can find it???) So I tried the Aleve cold & sinus (with the required Pseudoephedrine), showed my ID, signed a form, and promised not to start a meth lab. I also grabbed a new Tylenol product that doesn't have all the speed in it (it has Phenylephrine instead. I don't know what that is). So I grabbed my drugs & hose & got in the car to go home. By that time the CVS was open.
Please tell me why it is harder to buy this sinus relief than is is to buy cigarettes? Cigarettes are more addictive than Meth (or heroin or cocaine or alcohol or PCP or pot ) but any one can get a pack any time of day, but wake up with a sinus headache and you are in big trouble!
So now I'm suffering through a sinus thing. I don't know what it really is, but my ears are a little clogged and I've got the post-nasal drip. I'm trying the Tylenol medication, hoping it will do the trick, but right now my ears are clogged & I've got post nasal drip. I don't think I'll sell my pseudoephedrine on the black market just yet.

Oh and the job interview? Well general nerves of a job interview combined with the pseudoephedrine jitters got me a little wired, but I had a 2 hour drive to calm down (or get aggravated as I hit city traffic). I went in confident, I spoke the language, I knew the organization and some of the competition. HP was very sweet, he made me breakfast (an omelet with goat cheese) and gave me a back rub before I left and he made dinner that night(note to self: always interview on days that he is working from home). I felt pretty good about it, but now it's up to them...

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