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The part-time job has full time responsibilities; classes start October 5 & I need to get things confirmed, canceled, registered and/or filed in duplicate (payment & programs) before then. And when I asked someone to do the brainless work, I was met with "That's not my job" That is probably my least favorite phrase in the English language. Especially when spoken by someone who regularly pawns off her job duties on others, sits and reads the paper for hours on end and does the part of the job she likes. (And gets on the computer to check her email, but when asked to do some work on the computer says she is computer illiterate, but gets paid more than me).

The side-project job has me out of town 2 days this week and on the computer in between. It is high profile & very important to me so I want to give it 110%. If it was the only thing I was working on, it would be no problem; I planned to get things done on it on my day "off" but instead I went to the part time job above & only got through 95% of what I planned for this project done before I went to work (and the last 5% needs to be done in business hours). I wonder if I can do the rest while I'm driving tomorrow...

I want very much to do a good job for everyone I'm working for and I want to make everyone's life a little easier for having hired me. I also want to find time to get all my ducks in a row before I leave town for 3 weeks.

Then there was my email. One message, from one of my neighbors said

I will not live in a third-world neighborhood.
And I will not let our neighborhood become one, without a fight

Wow, a little dramatic I think. While I don't live in LilyWhiteSuburbia, I don't, by definition, live in the third world.

But, another email told me:
An Italian Adventure Awaits.
It wasn't a travel email, or even a horoscope email, but just another food thing, but they are letting me send e-postcards. Does that mean I don't have to send them while I'm gone?

In a nutshell, I think I need a vacation! (but wait, getting ready for that is causing me stress...)

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noble pig September 25, 2008 at 3:39 AM  


KitchenKiki September 25, 2008 at 3:46 AM  

Am trying.
Am a little torqued that the part time job is giving me full time stress.

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