Monday, March 17, 2008

Kiki's Gallery Opening

Sandpaper print

I did a great workshop last weekend at the GoggleWorks. It was taught by Mitch Lyons, whose work can be seen here and is a method of printmaking that uses clay and colored slips. I hope to continue to work on this, as it is a really cool, ever evolving process, but I thought I'd share my first attempts. What you are seeing is clay that has been colored with pigment that is transferred onto the "canvas" (actually reemay is the substrate). All of the photos you see are my work, that was created from one slab of clay. Each print represents the addition of colors, themes or ideas or the removal of layers.

The photos aren't the best and I'm hoping the color is true. I have not yet decided if I will cut out certain parts or frame small areas rather than the whole print, and honestly I don't even know which side is up on some of them. (I keep changing my mind). So let me know your thoughts! Tell me which ones you like or don't like or think are upside down or sideways.

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First try

The following is a series each pulled from the same slab with no alteration to the slab except through the removal of clay in the process of printing and the addition of window panes in the 2nd and 3rd Edition. Each print is unique as the surface is pulled revealing hidden layers.
A New Dawn

A New Day

A New Life

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